How to convince kids to eat right


Ever since you became a parent, you have to admit that nothing else matters other than your kids’ general well being. How else are they supposed to be okay if they do not eat right? Feeding your kids and being consistent is quite a daunting task. This is especially so when you stock your refrigerator with all the healthy content just for them and it all goes to waste. This should not be a cause for alarm as it is just a passing phase. At some point, your kids will act like healthy food and snacks is what they hate most in the world. The next thing you know is that you are not stressing over whether they have had their milk and vegetables.

Add some pizzazz to their meals

No child loves it when their mom cooks for them as if they are in a retirement home. As a mom, you should muster the art of balancing all the right and healthy ingredients in their food. This should not be an uphill task because we live in the modern age.

Carrying out research has been made fast, easy and fun. No matter what you are researching about, you find that the results will not be too hard to find. In our case, moms and nannies need to research more on how to make healthy and delicious meals for kids.

For instance, if it is noodles you want to prepare for them, present it in such a way that will intrigue them. You can try using different vegetables to act as some parts of a face. This can work well especially for a snack.

Talk to them about what healthy food does to their bodies

One way to convince kids to eat right is by telling them more about the roles played by these foods. You can try explaining to them in a simple way that healthy food will keep away the flu. They will stay healthy enough to go out and play with their friends. You will see how their faces will light up instantly when you mention this.

It is not enough when you tell them that vegetables and milk are good for them. Elaborate to them why this is so using terms that they can understand. It is not easy as it will require you to do tonnes of research on this particular subject. If you mention something that is not correct, it will be hard to convince them otherwise. This is because the information you launched into their brain is safely stored and guarded.


Set the perfect example

It is only natural for kids to copy everything you do. They are still too young to discern whether it is right or wrong. They believe that you are the parent and you are never wrong. Use this mentality to your advantage by eating what you serve on their plates. It is not a good practice to serve yourself something different from what you serve on their plates. Let your actions speak for you. Chomp all your vegetables in five minutes’ time and you will see them do the same thing without asking questions.

Ever since you became a parent, you have to admit that nothing else matters other than your kids’ general well…